we’re all about

The future holds huge challenges for all of us, both individually and collectively. As a planet and a society, we cannot continue on our existing trajectory.

Awoken Development formed because of this and the knowledge that people and organisations have the choice to be active in change.




Work that respects equality, diversity and dignity is central to our wellbeing and future.

To hold positive intent, to act with respect and integrity, to build trust and connection with others as well as ourselves.


In our chaotic world we meet situations that challenge us to our core.

To maintain our humanity takes courage and commitment.

More than
just a name


To the challenges we face as individuals, organisations and in society.

To understand ourselves more deeply; seeing how our connections to our past, our environments and our innate identities can untangle us for future opportunity.


To create growth that expands our understanding, thinking, and how we show up, to shift our considerable potential.

Building capacity to manage the difficult, complex and challenging.

A more highly developed sense of self, able to connect and engage with presence.

Why we need to be Awoken…

There has never been a stronger imperative for being Awoken, to have Awoken people and Awoken organisations.

  • Wellbeing and purpose

  • Conscious leadership

  • Diversity and empowerment

  • Collaboration, innovation

  • Organisations with compassion and integrity

  • Sustainable growth