…you see the world around you in new ways. You create choices in life and work, with further clarity and critical understanding. To become Awoken is to begin to see and understand much more, to discover the opportunities that are in you and to discover new abilities to create what you want from life.

Awoken people and organisations are alive to themselves, operate from a deeper awareness, are more connected, knowing what’s important to them. They have their inner game in check and are able to approach life challenges with strong intention.

Being Awoken enables you to have greater choice over your response, see patterns that previously ruled you. It allows you to create a presence and an identity that is true to you. Coming from an Awoken place leads to a greater sense of wellbeing.

We work with people and organisations who aspire to achieving better, who are seeking new ways. Awoken clients understand it is they who are instrumental to their success — knowing that their growth and the opportunities they seek come from them, from their development and how they show up.

How we work

Our Results

“Jemma has given me an entirely new lens with which I observe situations and interpersonal relationships. Her approach is friendly and thorough, finding patterns in my language and behaviours that I couldn’t see myself.

I can’t believe how much I had missed, or misunderstood in my professional and personal life. With Jemma, I have profoundly improved how I understand my own needs and identifying barriers and opportunities to achieve these.”

Meet Jemma Barton

Founder of Awoken Development


“I started my career as a quite traditional ‘people person’ in HR. Leading teams and getting qualifications – gaining seniority, commercial and strategic understanding across sectors.

Some of it was hard to swallow, other times it was inspiring. I saw, I learned, I reflected, and I got more curious.

I also found a strong heart and passion – I increasingly sought to stay truthful to what makes people and places great…”
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