Awoken Organisations

You understand that, just like the people your organisation is comprised of, your organisation also embodies certain patterns and ways. Although not immediately apparent, you know learning about these patterns and why they formed will offer powerful insights.

Following a process of discovery will allow your organisation to become AWOKEN, supporting its developmental growth. You tacitly understand your organisation is its people and that is where you derive success. You are seeing the challenges facing your organisation increase in size and complexity.

You need to take account of the perspectives of stakeholders, the wider environment and ecology and where the need is to focus both now and the future.  Awoken to what is required in the connections and the relationships that enable performance and organisational consciousness.

You know that continued success in more complex environments requires development and that AWOKEN people need AWOKEN organisations, which enables both to thrive. Through improved collaboration, practices that nurture innovation and environments that bring great people together and equip them to do their best work.